I am Roger and I run PoolBuilder.co.za. I am not a pool builder, I am a website developer. My goal with PoolBuilders.co.za has been to help people find reputable pool builders and to help them along their way to a fun filled and stress free swimming pool experience. Now I get to experience this journey for myself and I want to share this journey with you.

What will follow in my blog will be a "warts and all" journal of my plans and experiences and I hope that it will help you as you plan your own swimming pool.

My previous experience of building a swimming pool was as a young family building our first pool about 20 years ago and before that as a child when my parents built their first pool. Looking back, the only real difference between those two pool was the filtration. The newer pool (20 years ago) used a sand filter and the older pool (35 years ago) used a diatomaceous earth filter. Other than that everything was more-or-less the same.

What's changed in 20 years of swimming pool construction?

What has really surprised me during the research into my new pool is that most new pools built today use exactly the same technology used in my old pool built 20 years ago. What a shocker. People don't seem to know about the exciting new swimming pool technologies available today and I would like to help you discover what is available.

In the beginning

Our pool before home renovation

We have been renting a home for many years and at last we have been able to buy a home and make it our own. The new house has a pool but it is very small, shallow and old. The fiberglass is looking flaky and ugly and it does not gel with with our plans for a beautiful garden and pool area that is visible from every bedroom and living area. The paving is also looking terrible and the position is not right. We are starting from scratch.


There are a few things that I have taken into consideration while planning our pool.

  1. Environmental considerations: How are we going to use less water, electricity and chemicals? This is great for our budget and planet.
  2. Usage: How are we going to use the pool? We have to take into account what everyone in the family would like to get out of the new pool.
  3. Size: Once we have an understanding of point 1 and 2 we can look at where the pool will be situated and how it will fit in best.
  4. Easy of use: I don't want to be a slave to the pool. I want it to look fantastic with minimal effort.
  5. Budget: Swimming pools are expensive. The only way that I was able to get an proper idea of the budget was to use this planning information and talk to a few builders.
  6. Swimming pool surface: Fiberglass, Concrete or tile.

Here is how I fleshed out the plan for our pool:

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Using PoolBuilders.co.za to find local pool builders is really easy. I personally contacted four builders to quote on our pool. Of the four two companies actually turned up and provided me with a quote. This personal interaction was invaluable to me and allowed me to get a feel for the people concerned, their abilities, workload and past projects.

The two companies concerned were Pelican Pools and Swim Pool Center. Both companies have an excellent track record and are highly reputable swimming pool builders. Their pricing was reasonably similar with Pelican being around R85 000 and Swim Pool Center around R90 000. Had we been open to using a pre-moulded fibreglass shell the price would have been significantly lower but we want this pool to look as good in 20 years as it looks now.

Read more: Getting the proccess started

Learn More: Keep Updated

Stay updated on the progress of my pool. Learn from, and be entertained by, my mistakes and triumphs.
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