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updated 6:57 AM SAST, Feb 19, 2015

Gauteng Pools

Swimming pool and spa pool builders in and around Gauteng

A listing of South African swimming pool builders in Gauteng
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Curtis Pools is a proud member of the NSPI (National Spa and Pool Institute) and has garnered many awards over the years at their annual Pool Of The Year Awards. These include various gold and silver awards as well as the coveted Regional Pool of The Year Award. Russ Curtis and his team focus on building the best quality swimming pools, excellent customer service and uncompromising ethics. These cornerstones have ensured that Curtis Pools continues to net these industry awards every year.

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Splash Pool are the leaders in small and medium size swimming pools with agencies nationwide. They offer a variety of DIY, semi- or fully installed pre-moulded swimming pools. Standard or spa pool options are available with the spa option including bubble blowers and heating equipment.

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Foxy Pools is run by owner Kevin and is based in northern Sandton. Kevin has 14 years' experience building quality swimming pools both in South Africa and Florida, USA. The experience he gained in the highly regulated and up-market pool industry in the USA has given him a solid foundation from which he is now able to create high-quality customised swimming pools throughout Gauteng.

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You swimming pool should provide you with fun, laughter and excitement. Infinity Pools considers that turning these feelings into reality as their first goal. They offer a no obligation and free on site quotation so getting the process under way is really easy.

The company offers endless design and building options, and have completed well over 2000 swimming pools and have several years of industry experience behind them. Infinity Pools believes that they have the perfect package that can be tailored to a project that will exceed all your expectations!

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Lindal Pools specializes in the renovation and repair of swimming pools. Their services include water heating, the creation, renovation and repair of water features paving and paving renovation and chlorinator installation and repairs.

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Here at House of Pools we have become a leader in the swimming pool industry and it is not hard to see why.

We have established a reputation for providing great service and top quality products and services by putting our client's needs first. We always walk the extra mile and pride ourselves on delivering only the best swimming pool services.

Penguin Pools. Operating throughout South Africa
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Penguin Pools has been the foremost swimming pool builder in South Africa since 1955 and has installed many pools in families' homes across the country.

Penguin Pools has won numerous top awards at institutes and agricultural shows and from other large organisations. Penguin Pools has also become a clear favourite with architects, engineers, town developers and landscape architects. More people want a Penguin pool installed in their homes today than ever before. With their solid reputation and world-class product, Penguin Pools will continue to be one of the best-known and popular pool companies for years to come.

Clear Water Pools
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Clear Water Pools has over 30 years' experience in the swimming pool industry and their track record speaks for itself. However, it is not only their reputation as a quality supplier of swimming pools but also their commitment to their swimming pool customers that makes them one of the leading swimming pools companies in South Africa and further afield! When you choose a Clear Water pool, you can be confident of your choice of pool builder.

Clear Water Pools offers a wide range of swimming pools, spa pools and spas as well as maintenance and repair services.

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Subtropical Garden & Pool Service is an established Gauteng-based swimming pool company with expertise both in pool building and maintenance.

Hawaiin Pools Johannesburg
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011 656 6002

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Hawaiian Pools' award-winning swimming pools will enhance your surroundings and increase the value of your property, giving you a solid return on your investment.

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